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Ann MacKenzie, L.M.P.

For your first bodywork session please allow an additional 15-20 minutes for assessment and paperwork.

*Some insurance companies require the prescription to be submitted for approval prior to the massage. These companies require that the prescription include the Dr.'s name, diagnosis code number (ICD-9), frequency and duration of massage therapy. Please include your member ID and plan numbers.

Premera clients be aware that they now are requiring not only the complete prescription, but also a signed Plan of Care document written by your doctor for each 15 minute unit of care to be given by me for medically necessary massage therapy. Up to 4 units are allowed in a day. I am required to have a copy of that. If you are not getting better, the Plan of Care has to be rewritten.

A legibly written Plan of Care for Premera needs to include:

...* a key for any codes or abbreviations that a provider uses;
...* specific statements of long- and short-term goals;
...* measurable objectives;
...* a reasonable estimate of when the goals will be reached;
...* the specific modalities and procedures to be used in treatment;
...* reassessment at the end of the plan and a new Plan of Care created before any further treatment is
......provided; and
...* notification provided to the referring provider regarding outcome of care and recommendations, if
......further care is needed.

Daily record of the treatment provided is required. Brief notations, check boxes, and codes/symbols for procedures (e.g., neuromuscular re-education (NMR), myofascial release (MFR), hot packs (HP)) can be used in daily notes only when the notations refer to the current written Plan of Care described above in this section.